"Voices: Man Woman" (Video)
The piece was originally written for and dedicated to the Violist Tabea Zimmermann and  was adapted for Violoncello by the Cellist Hillel Zori
The motive core of the piece is built on the realization of Tabea's first name syllables: Ta-Be-A, which are translated musically into the German pitch names of Si-Si bemol-La (B-B flat-A). The form and shape of the work involves the examination of the interrelationships of these three pitches. As part of the motivic idea, the player is required to tune the viola's lowest string down a half step from the pitch Do (C) to the pitch Si (B). Monodialogue is a rather free piece as far as its tempi and change of moods are concerned. Its expressiveness owes a great deal of its inspiration to the unique and special character of Tabea Zimmermann.
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