Metamorphosis I - for piano solo
2007, 6'28"
I was commissioned by the young and wonderful Pianist Benjy Hochman. It was conceived as a short (app. 6') self contained movement that could also be intergrated later as part of a longer piece yet to be written. It develops out of a very small melodic and rhythmic cell that undergoes multiple phases changing its mood, texture, contour, rhythm and tempo. From a nervous beginning, restless and inquiet, it becomes more and more energetic until its motoric impetus stops and the whole atmosphere changes and transforms to become static, colorful and melodic. This mood lasts for a while but not for too long, when once again it changes to become charged with energy, reminiscent of the opening character. The piece has a zipping quality, changing ideas quite fast, expressing in a way the uncertain and unstable situation so typical of our hyper tensioned life in Israel, our native land.
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