Concertino for Oud and Piano
Avner Biron 2021
Comissioned by the "Lille Festival" for the Israel Camerata-Jerusalem Orchestra. 
The concertino for oud, piano and string orchestra starts with an introduction in the spirit of a taqsim – the typical improvised opening so often found in Arabic music. From this opening dialogue between the oud and piano emerges the first section, in which the orchestra makes its entrance. All its melodic gestures have an ornamental character full of melismatic lines so dear to Middle Eastern music. The mosaic-like structure of this first section gains momentum and leads the second section, written in a more cantabile style somewhat similar to the Samai, an Arabic musical form with a specific 10/8 meter.
The third section, played uninterruptedly following the second one, consist of an improvised piano and then oud cadenzas, both accompanied by the orchestra, as well as an impromptu dialogue between the two instruments. The piece ends with short brilliant passages, played in unison, in homage to Arabic music.
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