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Concerto for Oud
Stanley Sperber 1999, 23'42
The composition, commissioned by the Haifa Symphony Orchestra for the oud player Taisir Elias, is a sequel to three previous pieces I have already written for this special instrument, which is closley identified with Arab music. The instrument’s characteristics and its typical sonorities, fuel my imagination as a Jewish Israeli contemporary composer, looking for a language that will combine naturally and organically my Western, Classical origins, with the Oriental sounds that surround me.
Dealing with the concerto form while referring to the Oud as a solo instrument, seemed to me highly fascinating and attractive, and my familiarity with Taisir Elias’s virtuoso abilities, convinced me to write for this unique combination of Symphonic Orchestra and the Oud, dealing with the complexities this adventure arises.
The piece is another humble effort of mine to try and bridge the gap between cultures and nations, through music.
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